Dr. Jenna L.

Columbia Stores
Dr. Jenna Larocque was born in Worcester, Massachusetts (pronounced Woostah) on a cold Wednesday morning in February of 1990. And from that day forward, the world was never the same.

As a child, she was an elite napper who was able to fall asleep in any location. Most notably was the floor behind her mother as she washed dishes and behind the couch. She also had the lungs of a rockstar, able to scream and hold her breath until she turned blue in the face.

Originally born a Murphy, she grew up in Auburn, Massachusetts surrounded by a loving mother, a witty father, two annoying sisters, and a plethora of cats. It’s shocking that everyone is still alive from the Murphy family, as there were four women and only one bathroom in the house where she grew up.

She went to Assumption College for undergraduate, majoring in Biology. She decided that she hadn’t taken out enough student loans and decided to stay in school for even longer, attending MCPHS School of Optometry and accruing more debt. After she had student loan debt higher than a house mortgage, she decided she had enough school.

Other large life events that happened since graduating optometry school are marriage, the birth of two beautiful and hysterical nieces, and a move 900 miles south to South Carolina.

She now lives in the middle of the woods with her husband, Aaron, and their cat, Tupelo.

You can find her most days at EAOC at the Columbiana Mall or sitting at home with a glass of red wine and a good book.